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Oct 4, 2010

Rise Through the Airbus wing Axilla
On several occasions, Prof. Dr. Ing Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was deeply disappointed to see the fate of PT Dirgantara Indonesia. Therefore, the aircraft industry that pioneered the way it is now in place. How is she now?

WE had to develop its own aircraft CN-235 and N-250 to prove that Indonesian human resources able to master and develop the sophisticated technology of any kind. Where is it all right now? "Said BJ Habibie, former president of Indonesia, in front of the participant public lecture entitled Philosophy and Technology for Development at the Central Council of the University of Indonesia (UI), Depok, last Friday (12 / 3).

Yes, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) is nothing compared to when the company was still called the Aircraft Industry (IPTN) and Habibie was appointed president. At that IPTN has 16 thousand employees. Complex building in the region IPTN Pajajaran Road, London, stands majestic, occupying an area of 83 hectares.

The most in demand is the CN-235 aircraft. The aircraft with a capacity of 35 to 40 people were ordered from most domestic and foreign. In addition, there are C-212 aircraft (capacity 19-24 people). Products aka chopper helicopter also did not want to lose. There NBO-105, NAS-332 Super Puma, NBell-412, and so forth. All products are iron bird was so proud nation at that time.

However, problems arise when the economic crisis beat Indonesia in 1998. At that time, PT DI is called Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN) received orders to make the N-250 aircraft from abroad. This aircraft with a capacity of 50 to 64 people. An ideal capacity for domestic commercial flight. Generally domestic aircraft in the ground water is currently using the aircraft of the class that is not far different from the N-250.

PT DI received 120 aircraft orders. The agreed project cost $ 1.2 billion. PT DI immediately step on the gas. Thousands of employees were recruited. Machine-making machine imported components. ''We're working hard to finish the project on target,''said Director of Aircraft Integration PT DI Budiwuraskito when found in Bandung, Java Post last week.

However, PT DI have to swallow the bitter pill. Recovery of the economic crisis along with the International Monetary Fund IMF requires alias Indonesia received a number of agreements. One of them, Indonesia is no longer allowed to trade a plane. ''It really hit us,''said Budiwuraskito, Semarang man.

In fact, said Budi, PT DI already recruited many employees. A number of technology and equipment is imported. All ready for production. The plane had even finished example, was able to fly, and ready for sale. Just waiting for the flight certification process. ''I do not know, maybe there are countries that fear unrivaled if Indonesia makes the plane,''he said given the dark history of PT DI's.

Shadows receive $ 1.2 billion big money evaporate. In fact, PT DI have to think of ways to support employees who are already recruited. The project was canceled, but the people who live from PT DI also still be fed. ''Finally, inevitably, we are laying off good employees,''he said.

In 2003, PT DI work cut nine thousand more employees. That number continues to grow. Of the 16 thousand workers, PT DI leaving only three thousand workers. Both in the production and management. The condition is increasingly making PT DI slumped. Moreover, no more orders coming aircraft. The wheel was not running the company.

However, PT DI try to defend themselves. All the markets that can generate money being targeted. Began to manufacture aircraft components to domestic industry such as the manufacture of spoons, forks, and the like. One of them makes the tool pot printer.
Factories''pot-makers need a tool that's printer. Usually they are imported from abroad. Why must import if we can bikinin. And, it's pretty to make the wheels run company,''said Budi. But the affair did not help much pot. In 2007, the state that was established on 26 April 1976 was declared bankrupt aka bankrupt.
PT DI do not necessarily late. The government still had the desire to develop despite the capital provided was not too swift. And, despite already declared bankruptcy, there are partners from around the world who believe in the quality of the products of PT DI.

One of them British Aerospace (BAE). PT DI received a subcontract order of Airbus A380 wing of the British iron bird plant it. Also there are orders from two Middle Eastern countries six aircraft type N-2130. Moreover, Indonesia has been divorced IMF. That is, PT DI had a plane to trade freely.

Budi said, the order of six planes that can be spelled out''save''PT DI at that time. Profit from the order they are used as development capital. In addition, PT IN more focused work on the component market and parts of the plane with a subcontract or offset program. Among others, the inboard outer fixed leading edge (IOFLE) and drive rib underarm''aka''wing of the Airbus A380.

Airbus A380 are made aircraft Airbus SAS (France) are already famous in the world of aerospace. The aircraft is normally used for international flights across the continent with a load of 500 to 800 passengers. ''We're trying to achieve a profit by becoming a subcontract from the big players,''said Budi.

Conditions PT DI continues to improve. In the near future they will produce a fighter with urunan funds with the government of South Korea (ROK) amounted to USD 8 billion. Indonesia accounted for $ 2 billion, while the South Korean government $ 6 billion. ''But, to Indonesia that we will convert it in the form of labor, technology, and development of the plane,''he said.

His ability is not much different from the F-16 Falcon Fightning, made famous combat aircraft the United States used 24 countries worldwide. Details, 200 units to South Korea and 50 for Indonesia. This project''takes up to seven years,''said Budi.

In addition, orders from the Middle East kept coming. A number of countries ordered CN-235 surveillance aircraft to the coast, military personnel carriers, and monitors the border. From within the country, the Ministry of Defence (Kemhan) also ordered six units of helicopters and the National SAR Agency (Basarnas) four units.

Budi admitted that Indonesia's aviation industry trends continue to rise despite slow. At least, seven years into the future, PT DI can reap a sizable profit from a plane. Actually, Budi said, profits could be inflated if there is courage seeking a loan. But, it would be difficult. ''Not many banks are willing. Therefore, the risk is too high. In fact, the higher the risk, the promise of revenue are also big,''said Budi, a graduate of Aviation Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and completed his MBA in the Netherlands it.

PT DI current development strategy, said Budi, can not be too expansive. PT DI chose to walk slowly to take advantage of profit margins as capital development. ''Tell you what, more secure,''said Budi then smiled.


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